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Mike Davis - Owner

Mike is the Owner of Hilltop Signs & Graphics, and has led Hilltop on a path of aggressive growth fueled by passion and determination. Mike’s leadership has resulted in the business becoming one of the top full-service sign companies in the area, as well as a growing provider in the DMV region. Mike has dedicated his professional career to building a unique sign shop that continually brings exciting new concepts and opportunities to his employees and customers

Scott Dean - Operations Manager

Scott joined Hilltop Signs & Graphics in 2015 as an installer. Since then, he has advanced his way to becoming Operations Manager. Scott is responsible for managing workflow, building and leading Hilltop’s team, keeping customers pleased, HR systems, financial operations and most importantly holding the shop together. He holds a BA in Economics from St. Mary’s College. 

Hilltop 101: Scott worked on assembly line at GM in Baltimore, MD for 5 years.

Katie Parr Creative Director -

Katie is a lover of simple, effective design. Her critical eye oversees all the creative output of Hilltop Signs & Graphics. She works closely with our customers to make sure their needs and her drive for design excellence coincide. Katie has been with Hilltop since 2013 and holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Houston.

 Hilltop 101: Katie runs on 20% talent, 80% Dr. Pepper

Brittney Hall - Commercial Project Manager

Brittney is our Commercial Project Manager. She focuses on developing relationships with commercial customers and bringing their project to life. Brittney also lends a hand in the production department and on vehicle wraps when needed.  

Hilltop 101: Brittney can pogo-stick with no hands (we still haven’t seen it).

Rachel Leizear - Production Manager

Rachel recently took on the role as our Production manager. She works on assembling the signs that come through production, wrapping every vehicle in the bay and so much more. Rachel recently graduated with an AA in Arts and Science and holds a certificate in Graphic Design.  

Hilltop 101: Rachel just recently got a new puppy and got married in October!

Rachel Matthews - Design Associate & Marketing Coordinator

After one year of her summer internship and working with us throughout college, Rachel is now with us full-time. With her BFA in Graphic Design from Salisbury University, she helps with everything creative and has an eye for design. Rachel brings her experience in production and installation to our graphic design team. 

Hilltop 101: Outside of the office, you can find Rachel at the gym. She is also expecting her first child in August!

Sam Green - Lead Installer

Sam joined the Hilltop team a little over a year ago. You can find him on an install truck, in the production bay welding a new project, or painting in the booth. With Sam’s help, Hilltop has been able to do more in-house production than ever before.  

Hilltop 101: Sam averages 3 kickstarts a day.

Shelby Jones - Assistant Project Manager

Shelby joined us in March 2022 as our first Assistant Project manager. She is a team player that loves to do it all and help out wherever she is needed. In Shelby’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her kids and husband. One of her favorite hobbies is thrift shopping. She also enjoys reading, puzzles, and being outside.

 Hilltop 101: Shelby is a crazy cat lady, and also fosters cats throughout the year.

Josh Hamilton - Installer

Josh is one of our newest employees to join the Hilltop team, Josh started at Hilltop in August of 2022. When he is not working, he loves spending time with his kids. He started painting when he was 14 years old and has a passion for Toyotas and 90’s JDM cars.

 Hilltop 101- He was the youngest head painter in the state of Maryland.

Justin Thompson - Installer

Justin is one of our newest employees to join the Hilltop team, before coming to Hilltop he was an automotive mechanic. In his spare time, he enjoys staying up late, playing video games and hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys cars and too much caffeine. 

Hilltop 101- “Fall and winter are better than spring and summer”

Rosey - Shop Mascot

Rosey is one of our newest employees to join the Hilltop team, before coming to Hilltop she was just hanging out waiting for a great family to bring her home.  Now she has two families, one at Hilltop and one with Mike 

Hilltop 101- “I love attention”